10 reasons why Downtown Mexico City is the best place in the world

10 reasons why Downtown Mexico City is the best place in the world

The downtown of the Mexico’s capital city is really great and has several things to offer. If you haven’t been there, here are some facts about this terrific place.

1. The Museums. Mexico City has the largest amount of museums per city in the world. In the downtown area are some of them like the Palace of Fine Arts, the Militar Museum, The Economics Museum and much more!

2. The Alameda Central. A great park beside the Palace of Fine Arts with a lot of history behind. Since the Second Empire, the Alameda was planned to resemble the Parisian parks (even the French Government donate the entrance of the Bellas Artes Subway Station).

3. The Latinoamericana Tower. This was the highest skyscrapper in Mexico City until 1972 and built with cutting edge technology to resist earthquakes. The tower has a viewpoint where you can see the whole downtown.

4. The flag in the Zocalo. In the very heart of the city and perhaps the whole country, there is a monumental flag which is the largest one in Mexico.

5. Madero Avenue. Nowadays is a pedestrian street and has plenty of history. You can even walk into a cantina called La Opera with almost 150 years old (in the corner of 5 de Mayo and Filomeno Mata) with the legend of a bullet hole in the ceiling made by Pancho Villa.
6. The Azulejos Palace. In this days is a restaurant and a department store, but back in time, it was a Palace with a facade made out completely by tiles from Puebla which are called “azulejos”.

7. The Estanquillo Museum. This museum houses the popular art collection of Carlos Monsivais, one of the best Mexican writers in the 20th Century. You can find toys, pictures, books, souvenirs and much more.

8. The Templo Mayor. During 1978 while some government workers were digging to put some electric wires, they had found the remains of the mythical main building of Tenochtitlan. Although some people along the history had found some pieces or had theories about the location, until this date they started the archeological works to rescue items from the area. Remember to pay a visit to the museum!

9. The musicians. It’s common to see musicians in the Juarez or Madero Avenues. If you have some luck, you can even watch an organillero with a music box that needs to be winded. There are only a few of them right now, but some decades ago they were very popular and many of them had a monkey dressed as them asking for coins.

10. The food. Mexico City has many places to eat and drink, but in the downtown area are several places that you need to visit. Try a cantina like the Opera, Salon Paris or La Faena. You can also have a majestic Chile en Nogada at El Cardenal or take a walk to the San Juan Market with some of the most strange and uncommon ingredients!

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