7 Things you must do in Mineral del Monte

7 Things you must do in Mineral del Monte

Mineral del Monte, is a very small yet typical town of the old Colonial Mexico, just about an hour and a half away from Mexico City, in times of the Spanish Colony used to be call Real del Monte. Here are some tips of what to do in case you feel like hitting the gas and take a road trip to a Mexican Magic Town.

1. Visiting the Paste Museum

Museo del Paste en Mineral del Monte

Álvaro Ávila Cruz

Paste is a very typical dish in the region of Mexico, and it was introduced by the English miners which lived here during the 19th Century. In this museum you could learn how to make your own Paste, you just have to decided if it will be sweet or salty.

2. Buying Silver

Mexico is one of the most main silver producers in the world, and back in the day, Mineral del Monte was one of the top silver mining places. There are several silver and handcraft shops to choose from, and indulge yourself with silver jewelry.

3. Minery Museum

Mine Museum in Hidalgo

A place that will tell you all about the history of minery in the region, you will see the gear and machinery used back in the day.

4. Going to see the old mines

La Dificultad Mine Museum in Mineral del Chico

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Mina Acosta and Mina La Dificultad are two of the most famous mines in here. You will have to use miner gear to descent. The first one is one of the oldest ones it goes back to the 17th century and Mina La Dificultad is famous for its iconic chimney.

5. Old Haciendas

Santa Maria Regla hotel in Hidalgo, Mexico

Santa Maria Regla Hotel

Santa Maria Regla and San Miguel Regla are two old and lovely Colonial estates. These are  two treasures of the Mexican History you must visit. Its surroundings and beauty will take you back in time. Both of them are open to the public as 4-star hotels.

6. Basaltic Prisms of Santa Maria ReglaPrismas Basálticos, Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, México, 2013-10-10, DD 25.JPGBy Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

These are rock formation of basalt, with 5 or 6-sided shapes. This gully is form by two walls of basalt rock with a cascade running down on each side and in the middle a nice cool creek.

7. Bosque del Chico

La presa.jpg
By Leo Utskot – originally posted to Flickr as La presa, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Another please near Mineral del Monte is El Chico National Park, a beautiful forest where you can rock climbing, do some rappel, and fly through ziplines, plus eating some delicious Mexican quesadillas and have a cup of hot coffee.

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