A Few Things you Need to Know About Morelia

A Few Things you Need to Know About Morelia

A Few Things you Need to Know About Morelia

First of all, where is this Morelia everyone is talking about? Well, it’s a Colonial city close to Mexico City (a 3-hour drive) and you can say it’s midway between the capital city of the country and Guadalajara which is called La Perla de Occidente (translate as the western pearl).

Morelia is a beautiful town, period. You will feel like going back in time and you can taste culture in almost every single step. The capital city of the Mexican state of Michoacan had a very important part to play in the years before the Independence fight, since Jose Maria Morelos used to live here and Miguel Hidalgo was the principal of one of the oldest universities in Latin America.

Taking a trip to Morelia is also a terrific idea to get deep into this beautiful state known for its handicrafts, cultural expressions and delicious food.

Take a walk through the historic downtown and enter the gorgeous Cathedral. The city center is huge and you can notice the buildings made up with pink quarry blocks, giving a unique identity to town. The aqueduct is a large construction which used to bring water from the outskirts to the edge of town and you can enjoy the beautiful view at night.

Street in the historic center with the Cathedral of Morelia at the end
By JessicatenaOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The Tarascas Fountain is also a very popular place with three women holding a basket full of fruits, which symbolizes three tarascas princesses named Atzimba, Erendira and Tzetzangari. Remember to take a walk through the Calzada San Antonio de San Miguel which is a pedestrian street with beautiful trees and takes you to the St Francis Church.

Edgars2k~commonswiki  Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY 2.5

Want more? Try having dinner at the Inmaculada Church. The basement offers daily typical dishes of the Michoacan gastronomy, including tamales, corundas (a type of tamal but only better), and the enchiladas michoacanas with fried carrots and potatoes, and a piece of chicken.

Casa de las Artesanías de Michoacán 001.jpg
By VeoKenxiz – Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

You can also take a look at the Handicrafts House which is also a museum with a glimpse of the astounding works of the Michoacan hands. There are also some valuable pieces on sale and you can go upstairs and visit some of the different workshops, some of them are representative of one nearby village. You can buy a guitar or violin from Paracho, wicker pieces, leather or woodworks.

In an upcoming post you will take a glimpse of other gorgeous places in Morelia and on the surrounding area. Please, share with us if you have been there!


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