Is my purchase safe?

Yes, your credit card details will not be shared. The payment will be done by PayPal, who release the payment with your username and not with the details of your credit card.

Should I pay full my tour?

No, you only have to pay a small part to save your spots and at the time of your activity, you’ll have to pay the rest to the tour operator.  Please notice some tours are private and need to be paid in full due to the operation costs.

Why are they so many tours that other sites doesn't offer?

Our intention is that you have access to all the activities and expeditions for you to enjoy your vacations beyond your dreams. Mexico & Latin America have thousands of beautiful places that need the world needs to see. Beside, you’ll have great stories to tell your relatives and friends when you come back home.

Why do you have lower prices than other sites?

We are focus in tours and activities.  We strongly believe that they are the other half for an unforgettable trip. By being only focus in tours, we can have access to better rates for you.

Once I booked, my tour is confirmed?

When the payment has been c0mpleted, we will send you a confirmation email. The tour operator will also be notified and save your spot for the date you chose. We will only shared your name and number of tours you booked.

If my tour includes transfer from my hotel, how do they know where am I staying?

In your confirmation email, we will share with you the contact numbers of the tour operator, so you can call them a few days before your tour to tell them in which hotel you are staying at. If they can’t pick you up at your hotel, they’ll give you a nearby spot and an estimate time to see you.

Are they some tour restrictions?

In each tour, we give you some advice that suggest a minimum or maximum age, a weight limit, or maybe that the tour isn’t for people with specific medical conditions.

We need more spaces, do I have to notify ChipMonde?

If you want to bring more friends, you have to book for them. The rates could be higher outside, and the tour operators only scheduled their tours for a limited amount of people with previous reservation.

Do you have another question?

Contact us, we need to hear from you!