Haunted Places in Mexico City – Session 1

Haunted Houses of Mexico City

Haunted Places in Mexico City – Session 1

Mexico City is rich in culture, traditions and history, but also holds an important folklore background that has been passed from generation to generation. If you are into horror stories and local folklore, the Mexican capital will delight you with many legends and spooky tells that will keep you on the edge of the seat.

Take note of the following haunted places that definitely should be on your to-visit-list while spending your next vacation in Mexico City.

La Casa Negra

La Casa Negra, Mexico City

La Casa Negra or Black House is located in the northern area of the Roma neighborhood and it’s very famous in Mexico City, as this French-style abandoned mansion has showcased a high paranormal activity to all those people that have tried to stay overnight.

Many people say that after 10:00 pm have heard strange noises coming from its interiors, doors opening and shutting, and also human screaming’s and lamentations; some others say that have experienced as if someone, or something, had tried to reach for them as if they were being invited to leave the house, not in a good way.

This mansion has been through many remodeling projects but due to the so-called spirits that inhabit there, this has not been possible, neither rented nor sold.

If you are brave enough, you should pay a visit to La Casa Negra on Alvaro Obregon 191.

La Casa de las Brujas

La Casa de las Brujas, Mexico City
Photo by: Metros Cubicos.

The House of the Witches, also known as the Castle of the Witches, is an emblematic residence in Mexico City renowned for its eclectic and eccentric design, as well as a gorgeous gabled roof shaped as a witch’s hat.

It has been told that in this house, located at the Roma neighborhood as well, used to live Pachita, an old witch doctor who had among her patients many celebrities, famous people and politicians of the Mexican Revolution era.

As many rituals were performed in this house it’s been told that there a lot of spirits haunting its lodgers and some other people had seen the poltergeists lurking or making noises.

La Moira

La Moira, Mexico City
Photo by: Taringa.

La Moira is perhaps the most haunted place in Mexico City for its unusual paranormal activity. The Mexican legend says that in this abandoned house, a man was hanged in one of its rooms and since then, people is used to see a ghost wandering around in the house.

Time after, a child named Marco was playing in the surrounding area and its curiosity took him into the house to witness the legend. It is said that Marco went out running frightened as he saw a man hanging in one of the rooms staring back at him, reason enough to remember all the time that horrible experience.

As Marco grew up, he decided to go back to La Moira just to make sure that what he saw in his childhood was just a bad memory, indeed he only found a rope hanging from the ceiling and a chair back in the room, where he saw the hanged man; days later, Marco was found hanging dead.

Given the situations, it is said that, many witches decided to work on some rituals and spirit sessions to find out what happened, but this only made La Moira a darker place to visit.

This haunted house is located on Jose Vasconcelos 125, at the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood, and nowadays is a cultural center exhibiting artwork from around the world. In La Moira there are also nightly tours organized for the bravest ones as well as spirit sessions.

How did you like our Session 1 of the Haunted Places in Mexico City? Don’t forget that there may be some strange things playing around, so stay tuned for Session 2.

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