Mexico City hosted the Rolling Stones on March 14th & 17th

Mexico City hosted the Rolling Stones on March 14th & 17th

Recently Mexico City was the host for the Rolling Stones, they performed in one of the largest metropolis in the world at the Foro Sol inside of the Car Racing Track better known as “Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez”.  It was a great night for the band performing many tunes very well known for the locals as they sang along with Mick for about almost two hours, hits like Sympathy for the Devil, Paint it Black, Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction and more. A crowd roll into the Stone’s state of mind and cheer the Stones lead singer as he spoke most of the time in Spanish, making jokes and telling the locals that before they used to drink lots of Tequila but now day they prefer “Mezcal”. That’s when the fan went crazy and gave Mick and his boys the warmest Mexican welcome ever.

If you ever planning on going to a concert in Mexico City, as the locals said, you can kill a bird with two “stones”, going to a concert and visit, museums, archaeological sites and enjoy the world famous mexican cuisine.

Don’t miss this next concert of your favorite band in Mexico City!

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