The Quest for the Perfect Taco!

The Quest for the Perfect Taco!

A true Mexican can tell that almost everything can be eaten in a taco. Since childhood, the taco has been part of my life. Perhaps the very first taco anyone can recall is at the tortilleria, where a salt shaker was placed just to eat a salt taco while waiting for your tortillas.


Either flour or corn tortilla, you can even have tacos for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It depends in which part of Mexico you are to discover new flavors. In Northern Mexico is common to have morning tacos in flour tortilla; you can have machaca, a dried beef meat shredded and prepared with salsa or tomato, jalapeño and onion. It’s also popular the chicharron which is fried pork skin with a bit of meat, a really delicious dish.

In the Yucatan Peninsula, the taco is quite an institute. If you are wandering through the villages of Yucatan, go with the elderly women and try some of the finest typical dishes in the state. Yucatan is much more than just the Cochinita Pibil, the mix of flavors and spices is quite surprising!


You can have a taco out of almost everything. Arrachera, rib-eye, fish or even lobster! In Oaxaca you can try a guacamole taco with chapulines, a kind of grasshopers with a very special taste. In Mexico City, there’s a foodie tour in downtown to have some of the greatest tacos you will ever taste! Oh, and don’t forget to try the most amazing taco, the pastor, which is spiced pork in a kebab style, served with pinneapple, onion and cilantro.


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