The Legend of the Tequila

The Legend of the Tequila

The Tequila is the Mexican Liquour by excellence and from about ten years to the day, it’s very appreciated by people all around the world. The foreigners start drinking tequila smoothly, just as cognac or scotch, and there are a lot of upscale brands available almost everywhere.

The tequila was borned in the land of the same name in Jalisco, about an hour from Guadalajara. There is a popular legend in the area that states that one day, a thunderstorm took place there and several thunders struck the agave plants, creating the mayahuel or the honey produced when the agave pines are cooked.


During the process, the agave plant must be at least 7 years old and the harvesters must remove the leaves and taking off the ground the pine. Afterwards, all the pines are taken to the processing plant for being cooked. During the quality process, it will be determined which variety of tequila will be produced with the specific harvest.

For about 24 hours, the pines are cooked and then they will be squeezed to extract the honey and then let the yeast work before the distill process. Depending on the variety, the tequila can be bottled almost immediately after the distillation process or can spend some time in casks for up to two years.

The recommendation of most people in the area is that an expensive brand is not always the best one. Try several of them, sometimes one brand is really good in a specific variety. And the best of all? you can drink it alone, is not mandatory to have a lemon wedge or sangrita on side, you can also try an old tequila with dark chocolate, grasshoppers, an orange wedge or more. There are special drinking glasses to enhance the aromas and flavors, or you can just have it in a common shot glass. And the most important advice, enjoy it! Drink it slowly and taste it carefully, you might sense other flavors, just like a red or white wine.

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