The Mexican Galapagos, Revillagigedo Islands

The Mexican Galapagos, Revillagigedo Islands

The Revillagigedo Islands are a volcanic archipelago about 720 km (about 450 mi) from the Manzanillo, a beautiful beach destination in the Mexican Pacific Ocean.

Just in 2016, these islands were enlisted as a World’s Heritage Site by Unesco and are quite fantastic. Since you need about 30 hours to reach them and need a special permit to approach these volcanic isles, are not yet a truly tourist attraction.

These archipelago is home for six different species of sharks, including the might hammerhead, plus having a colony of rays which are the largest in the world with over 7 yards wide.

There are four islands and the last time  the Evermann volcano explode was in 1993. Also, is habitat for several bird species and reptiles, endemic to this place. But what is most amazing is the undersea experience. Although is quite far from land, the Revillagigedo Islands are becoming a scuba diving paradise but for now, you can witness the majestic sea environment with some videos.


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