Tlaquepaque, back to the Revolution Era

Tlaquepaque, back to the Revolution Era

Guadalajara is a marvelous city in the west side of Mexico. It’s famous for two of the most emblematic traditions in the country and perhaps, the most renowned in the whole world: the Mariachi and Tequila.

In the surroundings of Guadalajara, you can visit a precious place where the time stood still. Although Tlaquepaque is very big and it’s part of the Metropolitan Area, the downtown area keeps the smell of an ancient town.

Walk the cobblestone streets and watch the buildings, they surely seem to be from the Mexican Revolution Era. There are a lot of boutiques, artisans shops, and cafés. If you have some luck, you can watch during the afternoon (specially on weekends) a newlyweds.

Enter one of the galleries and watch some of the statues made in bronze or other materials, you can even take a picture along with a Mariachi (you’ll recognize them!).

And the best for the end. You must try a jarrito, which is a traditional beverage in the city served in a clay vessel and with orange juice, lemon, grapefruit soda, and lots of ice, but you can always buy a bottle of tequila and ask the vendor to add it for you.

Remember to take a tour to Tlaquepaque while you visit Guadalajara, it will be an unforgettable experience!

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