Tostadas, the sibling of a taco

Tostadas, the sibling of a taco

Nowadays, with the globalization you might had taste a Mexican taco, no matter where you live. Mexican food is becoming very popular, specially in the US.

Well, perhaps you haven’t met the closest relative to a taco, the tostada. What’s exactly a tostada? it’s prepared with a hard tortilla, like a flat taco shell from Taco Bell only much better. The best ones are the tortillas being dried and then deep fried, not the ones made out with corn flour. A tostada, just like a taco, can be prepared with almost everything.

In Monterrey they prepared a huge tostada (almost 10 inches) with a variant of guacamole, shredded chicken and cream; for a spicy taste, you will have a jalapeño pepper on side to have a bite.

There are also the tinga, with chipotle chicken (not always too spicy) but sometimes it’s prepared with shredded beef. The most popular tostadas are made with fried beans, chicken, avocado, sliced tomato and cream, they are simply majestic.

A tradition from the Pacific Coast has been spreaded recently, which are the ceviche tostadas. They are growing in popularity, even in inland cities. The freshier is the fish or seafood, the best taste and some restaurants have a very special taste (some of them have chefs from Mazatlan or other nearby places).

The next time you are in Mexico for business or vacation, ask at your hotel or a taxi cab to take you for a truly Mexican Tostada. Even the chain restaurants such as Sanborn’s, Bisquets Obregon or El Porton offer pretty good tostadas, but there’s nothing like living the real experience in a little shop recommended by locals.

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