Emblematic Markets of Mexico City

Mexico City



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Experience the real “chilanga” culture as you walk down the three most representative markets of the beautiful capital city. To spice up the adventure, you will ride the public service transportation to fulfil the experience. At the Sonora Market you can visit the witchdoctors and shamans to read your hand palm or do a spiritual cleansing; at this market you can also buy amulets and incense for that superstitious auntie.


The next stop is the San Juan Market, one of the oldest in the city and where you can buy food that you do not find anywhere else. You can buy ostrich meat, crocodile, eels, elvers, pheasants, and all the vegetables and fruit you can think of. The dairy shops with fine cheeses of all variants are also a delight in this traditional market that looks more like a museum and it is frequented by chefs, students and even artists.


Finally, heading to the city symbol: the La Merced Market. This market is a classic and it’s part of the popular history of Mexico where you will also find a whole antiques section; due its fame, this is the so-called market of the nation. Book now to experience the markets of Mexico City.


  • Guide / Cultural interpreter
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Available on Mondays

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  • Meals and beverages
  • Purchases / Groceries
  • Tips
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Duration : 4 hours
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