What to do when Visiting Pachuca City

Pachuca City, Mexico

What to do when Visiting Pachuca City

The city of Pachuca is about a 2-hour drive from Mexico City and is considered one of the most cultural places to visit in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. Get to know the Historic Center and discover its cultural jewels.

This beautiful city is also very famous as it’s considered the Cradle of the Mexican Mining industry, brought by British whom settled in the area during the 1800s, and for being home of two major national sports, such as charreada and Soccer.

Football Museum in Pachuca, Mexico

Pachuca is the hometown for the Club de Futbol Pachuca (Pachuca’s Football Club), widely known in Mexico as the Tuzos’ team. If you are visiting the city, don’t miss the chance to assist to a football match at the Hidalgo Stadium, available on seasons; or simply pay a visit to the Soccer Hall of Fame. This museum is located in Zona Plateada, near to the highway to Mexico City.

Pachuca’s Cuisine

A good thing about being away from home is that you can get to delight with exquisite food at the destination you are visiting. This is the case of Pachuca’s cuisine: Barbacoa and famous Pastes will bring new flavors to your palate.

If you are feeling hungry, and are also a meat lover, you can visit the Revolucion Market where you will find a delightful dish of Barbacoa, prepared as a lamb broth seasoned with different spices, please forget about the traditional BBQ, in Mexico the Barbacoa is a mouthwatering concept; tacos are also a must when visiting this Northern city of Mexico.

Pastes, delightful dish in Pachuca, Mexico

Let’s say you are not into broth or spiced dishes, Pastes is another delicious option to try in Pachuca. This dish is prepared as a some kind of dumpling, stuffed with different ingredients, including potatoes, tuna fish or chicken. You can also find them stuffed with sweet ingredients, for the sweet tooth. A visit to Kikos is also a good option, a very famous Pastes franchise, considered by the local people as one of the best along the state, located by the San Francisco church, in downtown Pachuca outskirts.

Cultural Jewels in Pachuca Historic Center

Cultural Jewels

The Monumental Clock is one of the most famous cultural venues in Pachuca. This beautiful building is located at the Plaza Independencia, in the Historic Center and was built in the early 1900s. Don’t forget to bring your camera as it will be one memory to remember forever.

Share with us what other places are willing to visit in Pachuca. If you have been this to this cultural city in Mexico tell us what places did you visit and if you did like them? 


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