Whale Sharks, a subsea show

Whale Sharks, a subsea show

The whale shark season in the Mexican Caribbean is coming! The largest fish on Earth can grow up to 39 feet (12 mts) long and weight over 20 tons. It’s one of the three different kinds of sharks that eat over water filtration. It eats mostly plancton and algae, but sometimes small fishes or calamaris.

Although having a very large size, it means no harm for human beings. In Mexico you can visit them in two havens, at La Paz in Baja California and close to Cabo. The other one is in the Caribbean, very close to the Contoy Island which is a nature reserve north of Cancun. You can either take a tour to visit the whale sharks from Cancun, Isla Mujeres or Holbox.

The best time to have this tour is at the end of the season, the second half of August or the first days of July. If you think you might feel dizzy or it’s easy for you to have seasick, you must take a pill before boarding the boat or it won’t help at all. If you have a case for your camera or a GoPro, bring it to the tour, you might take awesome pictures of these majestic creatures. Remember to follow all the guide’s instructions to help preserving the habitat and bring back home a bunch of experiences. We also recommend to book your tour in advance and have some days off, since the navigation can be closed due to weather conditions and the tour can be rescheduled.

Remember to share your experience with us, and have a great vacation!

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