Xochimilco, a Glimpse to the Past

Xochimilco, a Glimpse to the Past

One of the most Mexican places in the whole country is Xochimilco. These are the remains of the Aztec Civilization and how the manage to rule one of the biggest cities in the world in the 15th Century.

Most of Mexico City was a lake and according to the legend, the first settlers saw an eagle eating a snake while standing on a nopal (yes, the same one in the Mexican flag). This sign appointed the exact place where they had to build Tenochtitlan.

To feed the over a hundred thousand people in the city, there were chinampas which are terraces build up like embarkations and filled with soil to grow different vegetables and fruits.

The canals are great and home for an endemic species called ajolote (currently endangered). Xochimilco is also enlisted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can board a trajinera, a kind of a boat without an engine and where you can book a Mariachi, buy some of the delicious dishes and enjoy the view. They are remarkable and even some of them are not the traditional ones, most of them have a decoration with flowers and have a name (it’s also a tradition to book a trajinera with the same name as the birthday boy or girl).

Come to Mexico City and save some time to enjoy this magic trip to the past while you experience one of the most Mexican traditions. And remember to bring a bottle of Tequila!

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